31 December 2015


I thank the Lord for everything that He has given me. All these are not possible without Him. There must be luck too but even in that He is the one who makes sure I get lucky.

I thank the Lord for this imperfect life in which He has shown me humility and gratefulness. The challenges He has supplied me has made me stronger in my faith in Him and in myself. The things he has provided me both in abundance and scarcity has made me appreciate all that there is.

I thank the Lord for the love from my husband, parents, siblings, friends and other loved ones. I am grateful for being able to reciprocate the love that I have been given. These people are the light of my world from which I draw my strength and happiness.

I thank the Lord for taking care of my mind and my soul. He always makes me see and think of the good.

I thank the Lord not only for the year 2015 but for all the years that has passed.

I thank the Lord for this life.

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