03 November 2015

Düsseldorf Nostalgia

You know when you are terribly missing the outdoors when you see a photo of your foot on the ground with colored leaves and that makes all the memories come back to you in a rush. More than a year ago, we stopped in Düsseldorf in Germany to catch a train that will eventually lead us to Amsterdam. Unfortunately, there was a strike and the train schedule was affected. Ours was terribly delayed and for some were cancelled unfortunately. We decided to postpone the trip and went around the city instead.

The first thing we did was buy my brother his Starbucks mug. I laugh thinking about it now because it was such a pain hand-carrying all those collectible mugs when I flew back to work. Then we walked around the city and took photos. That is all there is to do really aside from eating and shopping. But I could not buy everything I wanted since my Euros were limited and I cannot afford to pay for excess baggage. I did buy myself some decent boots. It was surprisingly cheaper in this part of the world. After all, it becomes a necessity to wear them at certain times of the year.

Breakfast with my aunt and lovely cousins was the highlight of the day so the rest of it was a bonus. There was a lovely canal in Königsallee where we took a groupie. I'm not sure if that is even a word but I hear it everywhere now these days. I was shameless for using the selfie stick but they gave me an excuse since I was "Asian." That sounded hilarious but since when did the selfie became a cultural thing? We left the city early back to my aunt's place since we wanted to visit Köln later that day.

Oh I miss this bunch dearly. I was in Europe for just a few weeks and only spent weekends with my relatives but it felt like a whole chapter in my life. I guess it makes sense because the things dearest to you will occupy you the most.

Location: Stadtmitte, Düsseldorf, Germany


  1. We miss you ate Kim!
    Wann kommst du uns wieder besuchen?

    1. I want to visit soon if only I could! I miss you all dearly. :)