13 November 2015

A taste of Moroccan

On a lazy afternoon, my husband and I went out to walk. We saw a bookstore which we wanted to visit. Unfortunately, it would open again only at 4:30 PM and we had more than 30 minutes to wait. So we walked around looking for food but mostly for luck since most of the stores in Fujairah are sleeping at that hour. We were lucky to walk past this Moroccan restaurant which had some delicacies and painted ceramics on display.

After speaking a lot of English, the lady in hijab responded to us without a word of English. I do not know if she had spoken in Arabic but I only trusted that she understood us. We bought some pastries and two bottles of soda. The restaurant hall was closed so we had to find someplace else to eat.

Right outside was a dusty road but there was a pavement which was normally used for walking on. We sat on it without hesitation and started biting into unfamiliar food. One of the pastries looked crunchy but was chewy when we bit into it. Another one tasted so much like macaroons because of the coconut. I do not know what the cookies are called but then do we really need to know the name?

For about 30 minutes, we talked. Then I wondered. Where is everyone? The passers-by driving their cars looked at us in confusion. It must be very rare to find two people of the opposite sex chatting and laughing by the roadside on a dusty and sunny afternoon. Shortly before the bookshop opened, two young boys rode on their bicycles and went past us. It reminded me of afternoons in a tropical province where children ran outdoors from their afternoon naps as if declaring their hard-earned freedom.

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