27 October 2015

Sunsets and Indian food

I caught the beautiful sunset again on my tiny phone camera a few days ago. Yes I have said it many times but it is always pretty where I am and I am grateful for that. I love sunsets though it used to scare me on weekends because the thought of my rest days ending terrified me. But I no longer feel that way. Everyday, I embrace the red and orange sky with open arms. I look through my window enjoying every second of it until the sun is below the mountains but still radiating that warm glow. Sometimes my husband is asleep when the sun is setting so he misses it but sometimes he catches me munching silently on my cookies by the window.

After sunset, life seems to begin. My husband and I are the kind of couple who enjoys walking and eating at random food shops we find on our way. We can eat anything from boiled eggs sold by the street vendor to fine steaks or even just greens. The other night, we went into this small Indian cafe. We ordered chicken tikka masala and had paratha and chapati for our breads. Unfortunately there was no keema available so we had chickpea dhal instead. The spelling can be totally different on the menus so just rely on your ears. We ate without forks which is how it is normally done. I do not have pretty pictures since it is quite odd to be bringing a bulky camera. As much as possible we would like to blend in no matter how we seem to always stand out from the bunch.

I had not imagined eating this much Indian food in my life but I like it. And by the way, ordering "tea" seems to be tea with milk by default.

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