19 October 2015

Life cannot be taken seriously

Seriously, life cannot be taken seriously. In the nerdy depths of me, I found some things that still amuses me. At some point, I went to the moon when I sent my name along with NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. They gave me a certificate which I've totally forgotten about until I was cleaning my hard drives.

While working as an engineer in Cebu, I found myself playing with my electronic "toys." Not in a naughty way of course. At that time, the novel "War of the Worlds" was made into a movie and I worked with lasers at about the same time which felt nerdy cool. During one of my bored moments, I specifically took some photos that I had imagined were robots with long spider-like legs.

I have not been really anywhere during this idle time but I realized I've imagined and traveled enough to provide myself a lifetime of memories.

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