21 October 2015

Abu Dhabi in square format

This post is a bit late. I had been feeling lazy about blogging though something else was occupying me. Nonetheless, I am posting mostly Instagram photos of the recent visit to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Upon entering the city, we found an image on the horizon very similar to Singapore's Marina Bay Sands. Google says the structure is called The Gate Towers and the Arc. This is like the chicken and egg problem. But since science has proven that the chicken came first, let us take away the doubt that the Singaporean structure already stood in the skies when I first visited the country in 2010.

The city sleeps in the afternoon probably like most towns in the UAE. We waited until 4:30 PM for the art and crafts shop to open. I got some painting supplies though I did not get to buy the yarns since I still have a lot in my stash. We spent the rest of the first day with my husband's cousins and closed the day with a bottle of brandy.

On the second day, we headed again to the city though it was just a few blocks from were we spent the night. We were stopped by policed at the junction towards the corniche due to something very important. So we had to detour and found ourselves in the midsts of the grey skyscrapers. Among the tall buildings was a small mosque and right beside it was a cafe. Without hesitation, we stepped inside and ordered tea. The Indian guy made us pay cheaper for our two cups of tea which we were happy about.

We walked a bit around the ghostly town wondering where most of the people were. The sun was still up so I thought everyone is still tucked in their beds. Later that day was my niece's birthday party where Filipino food was served. There was a clown who tried to cheer everyone up but sounded a bit melancholic when I spoke to him while he was wiping off his makeup. The rest of the night was spent with the adults at a local pub where beer, tequila, shrieking female singers and dance moves seemed to overflow.

Abu Dhabi feels like family. And it should. We are missing the place but it is a long drive from where we are at.

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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