03 September 2015

Separation of heart and brain

For many years, I've worked as an engineer, one specializing in hardware electronics and computer components most specifically. That is what my brain has been trained to do. It makes sense since I graduated from a government-funded science high school and took a degree in electronics. However, I did not get to work in this field immediately after graduation. There was a roller coaster of events which brought me to places such as working as a technical support voice agent in the contact center industry and even tutoring English to Koreans.

Eventually, I found myself in the engineering research and development and was there for about 10 years. I did not feel the years until I quit my job early this year. And for what reason? Because my heart says so. I left Singapore to travel to the Middle East to join my husband.

Here I am now in a small town facing the Oman Sea where life seems to be more peaceful than what I am used to. The sun shines brighter which gives more daylight through the only window in our home. This sunlight I love the most because it makes colors more vivid. And until now we have not placed curtains and did not bother.

Everyday I wake up looking forward to opening my boxes of yarns, papers, pens and watercolors. They inspire me in ways nothing else could have. And all these because again my heart says so. Then I took a check on my brain. It was working quite well and still is. I manage technical stuff as if they are the most normal things to do -- almost like a default.

Now I realize there are two major parts in my brain. One ticks like a clock and works efficiently and another that keeps me in love. I am not sure if they've ever mixed. Maybe they do but at most times they do not. I guess that is the beautiful part in it -- I get the best of both worlds.

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