05 September 2015

Sand ghosts

I hopped into a taxi yesterday afternoon to Dubai City. I shared the ride with four other passengers who wanted a faster way out of Fujairah City. It takes approximately an hour when driving at the limits. Tiny droplets started falling on the windshield. There was a light drizzle as we drove across the mountains. Rains are rare so I wished it wouldn't flood.

A few kilometers into the city, the wind started to pick up but there was no rain. Sands traveled across roads like ghosts staying low on the ground but never touching it. Mounds of sand started to pile up beside the road dividers like the way snow piles up on the road sides.

The taxi driver felt so free shifting lanes at 120 kph and even more. When we entered the city, there was a bird idling in the middle of the city street and the driver tried to swerve. And earlier there was a carton box flying through the highways and he tried to swerve too. A few times I felt a little nervous when his following distance became too short. But I was more worried that he might be sleepy in the glare and the heat. Gladly he wasn't. Finally, he dropped me at the Union Station which was the farthest stop of his journey.

I took the metro and looked for a this one cafe to meet up with new friends. I got lost and found myself walking alone on a dusty road under the heat. Gladly, my luck came and a taxi came by and I asked him to bring me back to civilization. A little later, I had a longer walk in the blasting wind with my scarf wrapped all over my head. I reached my destination and found myself catching my breath at the entrance door.

I recomposed as I sipped from my strawberry milkshake and started chatting, wishing my weak voice cuts through the air. The day felt like a struggle. About an hour later, I looked outside and the sand ghosts were gone. The wind has settled. Dubai has welcomed me.

Google directions from Fujairah City to Dubai Union Metro Station by car:

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