07 September 2015

Love letters

I found boxes of cards and letters of yours for mom. I had seen many times before because I love to dig into old boxes for pretty papers. In it you have written how much you have loved her and me. You even call me with a cute name. I liked it a lot that I've scribbled it down in my notebooks while I was in high school and even while I was in the university.

I've read the letters so many times. Yes, this is the kind of love that we seek. How lucky! I am lucky too. I have found this kind of love you speak about. Your words drill deep into my heart. But it does not leave a hole. Even if you were long gone, there was never an empty space. You were right there for me just when I needed you.

Many times I curled up and cry because I missed you. Someone else also still longs for you so deeply. She still speaks of you and thinks of you. She remembers how well you played the piano and the guitar but insists that you cannot sing. I like that thought of you.

I left a rose on your grave last time I was home. It was red, as red as the love you have for mom. Dad, I miss you but I am happy and content. Thanks for being a wonderful memory.

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