27 September 2015

Fujairah: A lovely day at the beach

I got a call from my cousin and told me he wanted to drive with his family all the way to our town for Eid al-Adlha. They came to visit me and my husband in our humble abode. He was impressed by how little and peaceful the town of Fujairah is which reminded him of our hometown back in our country.

In the afternoon, we drove further north to the beaches. The town of Khor Fakkan seems to be misplaced. To get to the northen part of Fujairah, everyone has to drive through the emirate of Sharjah. The town has a corniche which my husband and I have visited once at night before. We were taken aback when we saw thousands of people flocking at the beach. There were manned kites towed by boats. We wanted to see more of the action but there was hardly any parking space or shade left for us. So we continued driving.

A few minutes later, we passed by Al Bidya mosque. It was not wise to stop to see it since most people enjoying the holidays decided to visit the mosque. Most of them were men. I wondered where all the ladies were. We also had a baby in the car. He couldn't possibly stay long under the scorching heat.

Eventually, we arrived at a public beach in Fujairah. I don't know the exact name of the place so that makes me a bad traveller. But I know how to go there like a secret place but one that is not really a secret at all. Some people call it a hidden gem and that probably makes sense because in a vast desert, one would not expect to find a place as beautiful as this. The beach is facing the Oman Gulf. Sans all the skyscrapers and concrete buildings, it is definitely my kind of beach. We parked by the bush but kept the engine running. Our little passenger needed to be comfortable.

We walked out to the beach. Even if the weather was so warm, the water was cold. Then for a minute I thought of sharks. Despite that, we dipped our feet in the water and unfortunately, our jeans too. The sand was golden and the ocean was blue under the midafternoon sun. There were tents on the beach that we wished were ours. We carried sands in our slippers all the way back to the car as if saying we have no plans in leaving. But we had to call it day since there are several other emirates my cousin has to cross before he reaches home.

It was wonderful day at the beach. I thought I was forever away from the lovely ocean but that day I was proven wrong.

Location: Al Aqah Beach, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates


  1. Thanks for the warmth welcome Kim and Eves. We hope to see you soon again and we could plan for great emirate adventure...

    1. Definitely yes to more adventures! And thanks too. See you soon. :D