19 September 2015

A sunset, a fountain and a beach

I would say Dubai is picturesque. Even just driving through the city streets at sunset, you are treated with a beautiful silhouette of the majestic Burj Khalifa. We went to the city for my second attempt of seeing The Dubai Fountain. I think I can never get tired of watching the water dance. This time, the fountain danced to MJ's Thriller.

The air in September is still humid but you will forget about that after seeing the colorful night lights from the moving water and the towering skyscrapers. As usual, the Burj Khalifa was just right next to us but I could only see the bottom of it.

Most of us had our cameras out but I took only a few photos and several minutes of video with the phone. After which, I decided to keep it in my pocket. For the entire show, we stood outside in TGIF's terrace after a heavy meal inside the air-conditioned room. The seats outside were always full but the stomachs already felt empty so we chose a seat inside the restaurant.

We then drove to Jumeirah Beach Residence. No, we do not live there but we just wanted to see other parts of the city. The beach was dark so we went up a bar but it felt a little gloomy from outside. Thank God for good company and a good view. From where we sat, we could see lights from high rise residences, resorts, and shops by the Arabian Gulf.

It was already late and by then we had already clocked about 10 hours in the city. When we left the place by midnight, there were more people walking on the streets as if the night just started. I wanted to stay longer but duties await us and we still had a long drive home.

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