16 August 2015

Nerd day at the Fujairah Museum

We fed hungry brains yesterday. The Fujairah Museum is just nearby so we paid only 5 AED to have a closer look at artifacts dating as far back as the 2nd Millennium BC. The fee is good enough knowing that this is as ancient as it could get. There was an excavated tomb which was displayed in one of the rooms. I prefer not to display a photo of it on my blog to keep the thrill and also because I think that would be eerie.

I was amazed at the potteries. Not because of the round shapes but because of how art was obviously deconstructed into basic geometry -- lines and circles. On the entrance/exit was a huge stone with carvings on it which made the scientist in me want to visit the closest archeological site. There were jewelries too of both stone and metals. There were also exhibits from more recent civilizations in the area that reflect the local culture. The Fujairah Fort was just right across but the day was so warm at around 35 degrees Celsius with hotter air blowing so we wrapped it up before 6 PM.

We felt "localized" for a bit except that we were not really local enough since we were walking on loose sand while the rest of the world seemed to be driving. We hailed a cab shortly after being fried. In hot weather such as this, I always find myself at the beach. At this time however, the beach was not within my line of sight.

Location: Fujairah Museum, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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