06 August 2015

Missing that rustic home


There is always something about old and rustic. In some ways it defines my mom's home though it is not in a rural place in any sense. There used to be more plants in the backyard but fertile earth is now scarce so we only have the malunggay tree left since we love cooking the leaves in chicken soups.

Last time I was home, the little cactus almost died. It might be because the temperatures are rising. There were not so much coins anywhere since five or ten centavos barely have value these days. The cashiers always do not have enough centavos so they get to keep the change.

Everything seems comfortable where I am right now. Though the desert winds are warm, the walls and the air conditioning work well together to keep you cool. There are no empty bottles lying around anywhere in the flat since afterall we do not own any piece of earth. Nor there are unfinished walls since the room is painted white.

Now I just look at old photos and talk about them. I must be grateful to still have those beautiful memories of how home once was.

little cactus banga na gamay humana ang tagay karaan na tela lata na kapayas

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