11 August 2015

Dubai: A trip to see the dinosaur and the books

I love how little towns sprout in the middle of nowhere as we drive past them on our way to Dubai. We were on a trip to see the mall where a dinosaur lives permanently. Unfortunately and fortunately, this is a dead one. Since we are nerds, we were also excited to see our favorite bookshop in The Dubai Mall. But the truth of the itinerary was to see old friends who were unfortunately unavailable that day.

The navigator sat in front as always and was excited to take photos of anything -- even empty roads. But I was actually just holding the digital map though it would have been fancier if I held a huge crumpled map in hand. We passed by red sands, golden sands and oases. At this time of the year, it would not be reasonable to stop by the road to behold the beauty of nature since the sun might scorch you down into pieces. We headed straight to the malls instead.

Lunch was tasty Indian food at the Mall of the Emirates. I like how the place starts to crowd only late in the day. Our nerd sense made us spot a local bookshop quickly after our meal. We swiftly browsed and found some interesting books but decided not to buy since we wanted to check out Kinokuniya first.

So we headed to the other mall where the famous dinosaur bones were. The hall was grand and I would say a bit intimidating or maybe it was just me. Enormous creatures always make me feel tiny. The remains were carried all the way from the USA for a great sum of money. The consolation is that it is free for everyone to see.

There was also a large aquarium with a viewing panel. We might check the fishes next time. There were lots to see like fancy ceilings but our feet started to hurt so we took a break at a coffee shop. I think this is what coffee shops are for -- aging people who have more salt deposits in the joints and less cushions on the heels.

"What do you stay awake for?" The cup holder asked. Books and dinosaurs? I took a sip and spilled my mocha latte onto my white scarf. Clearly, I did not have enough caffeine in my body. I very much would like oblige to the dress code so I got a pretty new scarf out of necessity and was happy with it.

We saved the last hour in this mall inside the book paradise. It felt like eternity standing amidst the shelves deciding which book to buy but actually secretly wishing we could buy all the books we wanted. We walked out the store with a fantasy book and some art supplies.

Before leaving Dubai, we drove back to the Mall of the Emirates. The sun was setting and we saw the Burj Khalifa towering on the skyline. Quickly, we revisited the local bookshop we first visited that day and came out with my favorite book since the copy they had was much cheaper. Then we went to a French cafe to visit a friend who works there. We exchanged gifts and left the city sweeter with boxes stuffed with more chocolates than I could eat.

Location: The Dubai Mall [DubaiDino]

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  1. Kinokuniya is also my happy place in Dubai. :) My sister had to yank me out of the bookstore because I might buy more books than I could read in my lifetime.