23 August 2015

Dubai at Level 43

Dubai at night

It feels like Gotham City when you are sitting in Dubai's Level 43 Sky Lounge. For a minute, the camera phone was insulting my DSLR camera/lens for having large enough frame to capture the view though when it comes to noise, the latter still does win. Nonetheless, I thank God for pocket-sized cameras and for seeing the night lights from the top.

Of course, I wasn't alone because it was date night with my dear husband. He was very supportive of the idea of having dinner in about 35 degrees Celsius winds. We had beer and other cold drinks to cool ourselves anyway. The lounge was not packed but seats were occupied by 10 PM. It was safe to dress less conservatively so I took my scarf off since I was already sweating in my cotton dress.

It was a very romantic night I would say. Dinner in the dim lights was fine and the food was delicious. The towering skyscrapers with dancing lights looked a bit unreal. It felt like only Batman's signal was missing in the night sky. Was it pricey? The answer depends on priorities. In our home, we have more stuff in our kitchen than anywhere else because we choose experience.

Location: Level 43 Sky Lounge, Dubai, UAE

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