27 August 2015

Diaries and food

I've been re-reading Anne Frank's diary. It was sometime in high school when I first picked up the book. The thought of being able to write lightly despite the circumstance inspired me the most and the timing was right when I started to read it. High school was not really the best part of my life though it was quite memorable.

I am now in that part of her diary where they have gone to hiding. I must be very lucky to live freely but I chose to hide in a building. Hiding is a necessity since the temperature is hard to endure. One night, I was panting while my husband and I walked our way back from the ice cream shop. I thought I was going to collapse.

This part of my life is called domestication. I have spent more time in the kitchen and the bed than anywhere since I got here. This is the day job. The little town does not have so much to offer but we are grateful for fresh fishes and produce from the market, ice cream stores and craft supplies shop. Finding a book shop that suits us has proved to be difficult. But we worry not since we know where to go if we are missing the smell of paperbacks.

With books and a kitchen stuffed with more food than we need, you'd expect an undesired exponential growth on the midsection. The next time I should be looking for is a swimming pool. I need to lose every gram of keema, chapati, pancakes and other gloriously delicious food that I have been putting into my mouth. Too carefree I would say. But that is exactly how I am feeling right now. I normally do not quote but I cannot get Otto Frank out of my head so here it is:

"Make the most of your carefree young life while you can."

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