10 August 2015

A night at Khor Fakkan

Last weekend, my husband and I drove out to celebrate. There were no fancy reservations, just an impromptu decision to visit the town of Khor Fakkan and have dinner. By the time we reached the place, we were already hungry so the decision to just have pizza was very swift.

I watched the sun set so fast and took photos with my camera phone. I did bring my bulky camera with me that day but sometimes it is too much of a task to take the tripod out and set it up. Some moments are much better without a camera in hand. I held my husband's hand instead.

For the rest of the night, we went to the park by the coast. There were lights but it was still dim. We found our spot -- empty swings. We each took a seat and looked far at the Gulf of Oman where most things were reduced to tiny lights.

I have traveled some parts of the world but have not imagined to be in this one. But it has always been like that. I come to a place without much a plan. However, the reason for being right there next to a man I love was quite certain.

We continued to watch the horizon and saw some families who were also spending the night at the coast. Some of them just got off a boat from a tour but we remained still. Just as I stood up to take a photo of the sands, a young boy came running to replace me on the swing. He wasn't sure of his decision but my husband assured him that it was all right.

We left the coast just before the stores in town would close. There was a bookshop we passed by on our way out and decided to visit it. We went into the bookshop and met two storekeepers happy enough to see two more people who spoke the same language as theirs. I walked out happy as a bee with a plastic bag almost exploding with yarns. It was another lovely night out in the desert.

Location: Khor Fakkan, Sharjah, UAE

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