09 July 2015

Windy weekend at Moalboal beach

I feel that I have aged. These days I prefer to just look at the ocean. My younger self would have insisted I take a dip in the waves. It was windy when we reached the beach so there was also a good excuse to skip swimming.

I missed snorkeling the first time I visited Moalboal because I went straight to bed after hiking up and down the nearby waterfall. That time, I was on a night shift and barely had any sleep. I do remember how scared I was for a bit after realizing I was in the deep ocean after swimming only a few meters from the shore. During this visit, I was missing snorkeling again though I was not pissed. By now, I understood that there is no perfect weather, only the right attitude.

Since swimming was already out of the itinerary, we replaced it with walking Oreo the dog. Of course, we enjoyed strolling down the shores too. We took photos, watched people and let the strong winds mess our hairs. The overcast sky was a good companion that afternoon. However, that made my bottle of sunscreen a useless extra baggage.

We went back to the resort for an early dinner. The waiting time for our food would have been alarming if we were in the city with traffic lights changing from red to green under the clock. Gladly, only the bottles of dark lager were waiting for us in our room balcony.

At sundown, a bath in freshwater felt appropriate after being tousled by the wind and sand. Then the dark sky started to cry heavily and the wind blew fiercely. But none of us were disturbed. We were all in a trance listening to surfer's music, each with a cold beer in hand. It was just the right kind of weekend we secretly wanted.

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