07 July 2015

The road to Moalboal, Cebu

A few days before the weekend, the sky was gloomy and there was a forecast of a storm approaching the Philippines. I checked the satellite feed and it said the tropical depression is approaching somewhere north of the archipelago. I am not a weather expert but knowing there were no strong rains in the city on Saturday morning, I, my friends and Oreo the dog decided to drive down south.

It has been more than a decade since my last road trip to the southern part of Cebu. The first time was a university tour to visit old churches and ruins in the town of Oslob. At that time, the place was not yet famous for whale shark sightings. The only sightings we had were of locals jumping into clear blue sea while we were having lunch break by the boardwalk. 

This time, we were headed to Moalboal beach. We initially wanted to head north to Bantayan island but the strong ocean waves at this time of the year suggests we remain on the mainland. Along the way, we had pit stops that are definitely worth stopping for. 

Carcar Lechon
Lunch was a little early. It was past 11 AM when we reached the public market in Carcar. We ordered a kilo of lechon. It was not difficult to choose because there were a lot of stalls selling freshly roasted pig and competition makes them give away crispy pig skin for you to taste.

I am not really a lechon person but I never miss it when I am in Cebu. Carcar lechon is definitely the best one I ever had. I wonder what the mortality rate is in this town because everyone seems to have lechon like a staple food.

On our way back from the beach, we stopped over in Carcar's public market again to get some chicharon. We intended to buy some on the previous day but having had lechon for lunch made us forget about everything else.

Carcar chicharon is not all pork rind because it has a lot of meat in them. It is also a bit harder to munch into than the local versions in my hometown. I bought just one pack because I know the elders in my household who are now sporting fake teeth would have complained.

Sometimes it isn't just food that are worth stopping for. Carcar is also known for shoe manufacturing. We did take a look. There were several different merchants selling different designs. Unfortunately most of the styles are a bit outdated. 

Barili Milk Station
We were curious about the Milk Station in Barili so we stopped over to find out that each cup of fresh cow's milk and ice cream was only PHP25. Either the tasty milk or the price made us talk nonsense. My friend said her regular choice of milk from the grocery shelves tasted more like water. I explained to her that there could be more delicious bacteria in the ones we were drinking at the station though I was just seriously kidding.

They have meals too but we were already full. The free roaming cats did have a good lunch. Oreo was a little ecstatic because of the lovely woods but it was for sure about not being locked away in the car. He scratched my legs a few times but what can you do to a fluffy creature with pitiful eyes?

There is nothing more comforting than warm snacks on a chilly afternoon. We stopped for Bingka or bibingka in Barili on our way back to the city. The warm rice cakes cooked with banana leaves smelled of earth but in a fresh and nostalgic way. I cannot figure out exactly what it is like. I know for sure that I can eat four small cakes at one time. I resisted to eat the other package because I meant to gift it to an old friend.

There are definitely more things to see, eat and feel but we only had two days and a night. Certainly this is just one of the many trips down south of Cebu I am taking because none of them are ever the same.

Directions: Cebu City to Moalboal Beach [Actual resort is not visible on map.]

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