13 July 2015

Cebu's homegrown talents: 8thumbs and Musika Cebu

There is a huge pool in Cebu when it comes to serious artistic talent. I first came into the city in the year 1999. I was young and curious so it made sense why I was easily impressed with the lifestyle because people often associated with the arts and music, at least in my circle. I seldom express my opinions about certain entities but creativity is always worth talking about. Cebu has influenced my taste for music big time. I used to be a sucker for free concerts in my university or seek out hidden places where people don't hide their talents at all.

I know a few people who have succeeded in the arts and music department. Last week, I visited a friend's studio called 8thumbs. Technically, it is not his own since he is just one of several founders. 8thumbs specializes in video and post production. In year 2014, 8thumbs won Best Film and several awards during the Sinulog Short Film Festival for an original entitled "Aftershock." It is no surprise that it is only one of several other awards won by the production company.

Last year, they have launched Musika Cebu to create a venue for the best talents in Cebu's music industry. Unfortunately there was no recording when I visited the studio so we just watched and listened to a few raw videos that night. Great talents and good music are always worth celebrating so check Musika Cebu if you're around town or switch on to their YouTube channel and give your cold beer some company.

A look inside the 8thumbs Office
The office felt like those cool offices like Google's but maybe because of the ping-pong table though they did not put it up on display when I visited. The ceiling has unfinished paint which I liked anyway. I am always attracted to industrial feel so I am biased. The graffiti on the wall is worth a frame so I took a photo of it. The staff were busy editing behind huge displays. "That could be what I am doing now," I got lost for a bit. They have other cooler things to note but I choose to be discreet.

Location: 8thumbs Video and Post Production, Inc., Cebu City

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