06 July 2015

Cebu: An old friend

The sun shines through my fake copper hair as I leaned against the window. My seat is 16A. I have probably been assigned the same seat countless times. There was a sad feeling about leaving Cebu earlier today. Cebu had been my life for a decade. I left the city in 2010 but it is only now that I feel angst over leaving it again though I have been in and out of the city through the years.

In Cebu, I flirt with danger. The city has been known for its high crime rate. I had lost my phone to a pickpocket twice and had other interesting stories during my 10 years in the city. It is very dirty compared to my hometown Davao. In the city's market called Carbon, garbage sometimes sits right beside the vegetable produce. When it rains, flood is a mix of both rainwater and black, sticky stagnant water. The traffic can be very bad and it can take more than an hour from my Alma mater in Talamban to the old Sto. Nino Church though it is just a few minutes ride sans the traffic jam.

Despite all these ugly things, I still love the city. After my two-week vacation, I feel I can stay even longer. I have reasons to like the place such as accessibility to good and affordable food, white sand beaches that are just a few hours away from the city, and decade-old friends who have settled in Cebu.

I talk about Cebu like an old friend. I know a lot of its upside and downside and like it anyway.

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