20 July 2015

Cebu: A night at La Vie Parisienne

I think nothing can go wrong on a night with a good friend and a bottle of red wine. It definitely wasn't the finest wine at M. Lhuillier's La Vie Parisienne because it only costed less than PHP300. But the beautiful night lights, French breads and heartfelt conversations made everything feel so fine.

We had pork for meats, Gouda cheese to enrich our breads and some layered cakes for dessert. We had the bottle to ourselves and made the night feel a little longer than usual. The crowd was a little too casual but that is how Cebu is often like -- people are almost always dressed down even in finer dining places. For that reason too, I like the city.

My friend and I spoke about a lot of things. We both have lived through colored glasses and vodkas but still survive life sans that. We've seen evolution right before our eyes and now glad to be talking under the stars with wine glasses in our hands, facing our fears, considering future possibilities, and most importantly embracing uncertainties and celebrating certainties.

I uncontrollably popped the cork off into the air and left it rolling under the tables which I hope did not leave a grand entry for tiny insects into the mouth of the bottle. I was silently embarrassed because I thought the wine got through me a lot sooner than I thought it would. Gladly, we managed to drive back home safely that night. The wine was cheap but definitely it wasn't a cheap night.

Location: La Vie Parisienne, Cebu City

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