18 July 2015

A multitude of things

I wanted to talk about all the good food I had while in Cebu a few weeks ago. However, distraction from social network feeds cannot keep me focused. Having multiple things under your roof can be a bad thing. Certainly, we don't want any of it to be half-baked. Yes I can do several things at one time but still nothing beats being focused on one thing.

Today was a multitude of things, just like every other day. I started off with preparing yarns and books for a crafty afternoon. At noon, I ran to the mall and to my phone to check for flights and compare prices. After lunch, we had crochet sessions while discussing about a friend's wedding plans. The last quarter of the day was booking a plane ticket. But turns out booking this one was not as easy as 1-2-3 because I had to update my frequent flyer profile first. And before that, I had to figure out how to make an international direct dial call to Singapore from our limited landline subscription. After making not-so-useful technical support calls, I resorted to just using my mobile phone to call overseas. I spoke to the airline agent and waited some time before my profile was successfully updated.

I felt a bit drained after booking the flight but I am definitely looking forward to riding on that plane. Before I could start to write anything, my legs suddenly felt the weight of my naughty niece who appeared on my lap from nowhere and demanded I read my blog out loud to her so she could repeat after me.

After some running here and there and convincing the little kid that it is bed time, I felt exhausted. I wondered how it would be like if I have a child of my own. It must be like programming a chip but realizing that later on it will have an intelligence of its own and might decide not to follow the program. Or it could be as easy as blindly stamping PASS on a product test result but compromising quality. Definitely, we only want the best so the choice is obvious.

This blog post was supposed to be about food and particularly about the wine I had at La Vie Parisienne. It would be unfair to switch the topic to good food on the same page I started talking about other things. Good thoughts about the red wine deserves another day.

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