25 July 2015

A little prayer

Tonight I say a little prayer though this is not the only time because on most nights I often do. I lay in bed at night, stare at the dark ceiling or look into the abyss of my shut eyes and speak silently believing that a greater being hears me. I speak to the Lord to thank Him and ask Him for everything that my mind can remember.

Tonight I thank the Lord for giving me this life. Though it is not perfect, I am grateful for still being an inspiration to others. I thank the Lord for helping me go through the struggles and for still being in one piece.

Tonight I thank the Lord for my loved ones. I thank the Lord for seeing in them more reasons to see the light of day and for feeling the extension of me.

Tonight I pray for those I have wronged and those who have wronged me. I ask the Lord to give me courage to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. I ask for the all the hurt to subside and be replaced with a lesson.

Tonight I pray for goodness to prevail over evil. I ask the Lord to guide my thoughts and my decisions and to not let evil drive me to destruction.

Tonight I pray for you and me to always find happiness and contentment. I ask the Lord to always remind us what real happiness means and to be always grateful for what has been given.

I pray that the Lord hears me like He often does.

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