31 July 2015

A Glimpse of the Middle East

A night in Dubai

I arrived in the city of Dubai just before sundown. I only noticed that we were already on the runway just before the wheels hit the pavement because I was all caught up with the digital media box in front of me. The flight was a few hours but I could not sleep. The excitement kept me awake and like my other travels, I kept wondering how this part of the world would look like.

My husband greeted me with roses. He gave me the tightest hug and I hugged back, uncertain if the onlookers would understand that it had been a long wait. We stepped out into the humid air, and drove out to see the night lights.

Dinner was planned overlooking the magnificent fountain but we decided to walk across the Souk Al Bahar Bridge and grabbed a burger. It wasn't just a burger though. It was a juicy 100% Angus beef patty sandwiched between cheese, bacon and soft buns that you bite into while looking at the Dubai Fountain and the towering Burj Khalifa. I have seen so many fountains in my life but there certainly is something to it when you are watching the water sway and dance, and reach for the sky while you stand right next to the love of your life. The Burj Khalifa deserved a better photo so I would talk about it more the next time we are around Dubai.

The Road to Fujairah

In the afternoon the next day, we drove to the small town of Fujairah or I would say, home. Deserts certainly are void but some of the scenery reminded me of road trips in Nevada except that in this one, the temperature is much hotter. Surprisingly, I do not have so much complains about that. Engineering tests at 45 and 60 degrees Celsius in my previous job did give me a preview of what it might be like.

The winds sculpted the sand into dunes that were visible from afar. Then there were mountains of rock. The sky was bright blue and the sun glared behind the palm trees. And there was an old song I heard from Dad that played in my head. It reminded me of his photos with the camels. I wondered how his young self felt when he saw the sun set in the Middle East. Was it the same warm glow? It certainly made me feel happy and grateful.

We grabbed a wine just before we reached home. We twisted to open the cap of the less fashionable bottle since we forgot the corkscrew, poured into a glass and thanked the Lord that we were finally home.

Location: United Arab Emirates

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  1. "uncertain if the onlookers would understand that it had been a long wait" - I agree Kim and I'm glad and relieved that you've finally reached UAE. See you soon!