21 June 2015

Yellow flowers

Today is fathers' day. As I grow older, my feelings toward it become more complicated.

I was only in third grade when my father passed away. It was a sad day but comfort from family made it a lot easier to handle. During my father's wake, there were beautiful yellow flowers from an entire class of 2nd year high school students. I am not sure if I asked, but my aunt just told me that it was from my sister. Then I understood that I shared my father's blood with a girl much elder than me but she never met him. It was a long story with a lot of debate in between. But when I met her, it was not complicated at all. We shared candies and became friends like the way siblings should be.

Now I forgot much about how it is like to have a father. But I did not feel abandoned because I had many fathers while I was growing up. I had my Grandpa Ed, my mother's brothers, Tito Aldo and recently gained another one. It is as if I lost one just so I could have more. I can only be grateful.

Until today, it remains a question how it might be like if Dad was still around but I did not bother so much to answer it. I have a thousand reasons why.

To all the fathers in the world, I pray for you. May your children love you unconditionally.

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