01 June 2015


Every night before I sleep, my mind goes into a very active mode. It is like a toddler high on sugar and running around. Sometimes in my head it is about red granny squares and up until now I could not stop thinking about them. So during my waking hours, I crochet because I felt I needed to. I also enjoy it anyway. But it is in my deep sleep when all the interesting things happen.

I sometimes have dreams so clear that I could not forget them even until I wake up. I have false awakenings and decide to wake up from it again until I am really awake. I even dream of numbers and try to scribble them down because I wanted to try the lottery when I wake up.

In my most recent lucid dream, I peeked through the window and saw the mountains. Then came the aliens from space and then a tsunami. I peeked through the window again and it was eons later but in my household not much seem to have changed. There were no more aliens but only colorful mountains and waterfalls and foliage. My cousin took a picture to save a memory. Then I told her that I was really going to miss all of it. Because I knew that it was all a dream and in my waking hours all of these beautiful things will disappear. Right outside the house was a pet armadillo. My little niece was playing with it. Then I heard the sound of people talking and the TV. I awoke from my dream, went out of my room and continued to hear the sound and voices over the breakfast table as if I never slept.

A few weeks later, I opened my tab and tried to play my niece's games. To my surprise, she was raising a virtual pet armadillo. I was surprised that the little animal had been in my dream before. But I was not surprised that there was a coincidence. When I was much younger, I had dreamed that I went to school to see my name on the list of top students in my class. When I woke up, I went straight to school and saw my dream replayed.

It makes me wonder if the soul does travel some place else. Sometimes my dreams tell me stories before they happen. And sometimes I knew that I was in a dream and I knew exactly what to do to get out of it.

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