04 June 2015

Bat Stories

I live just across Samal Island but I had not known about the bat cave until my friend spoke about it last month. Call it luck and coincidence when cousins decided to check out the cave earlier today. It was noon when we arrived at the Monfort Bat Sanctuary. The odor from the cave of a millions bats left a stench in the air. They said the smell from these bats and their droppings can be accentuated during their daily Circadian flight which we unfortunately missed today. Make sure to bring umbrellas when you watch them in the air just to keep their poop from falling and smearing all over you.

The cave is below the ground and in some openings you can see the tree roots hanging alongside sleeping bats. I wonder how they can sleep when they all seemed noisy. The unlucky bats becomes dinner for wild snakes living in the cave and even for stray dogs and cats in the neighborhood. There was in fact an orange cat happily feasting underground when we visited.

From afar, they are like a thousand winged insects that make me feel "itchy." None of us wished to be bitten. We know very well that Batman was human in every form. And probably Dracula contracted rabies and got crazy that's why he started feeding on anyone. Only the mosquitoes feasted on us but no one turned into Mosquito-man at the end of the day.

Location: Monfort Bat Sanctuary, Samal Island, Davao del Norte

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