22 June 2015

A little storm

When God brings you down further at the bottom of the wheel, it means you've never been there yet and he wants you to take a look at it.

We get rains and floods and sometimes we feel we could not even breath at all and thought we'd die. But then you wake up in the morning to realize you are still alive. He brings the sunlight through your window and tells you to wake up and do something with those beams of light.

When your life is uncomplicated, it means you've never lived. It is when you are hit and slammed the strongest and still able to survive it when you can say that you actually lived.

The devil comes and goes. He is happy whenever he's made a deal. He will give you a little heaven for a bit but he will make sure that you will feel that drowning eventually if not soon enough.

Those big trees were once tiny insignificant seeds on the ground. They've been stomped on, spat on, rained on, flooded. But they persisted to seek the sun and grow. We and those trees are alike. A little storm in your way shouldn't hurt.

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