30 May 2015

Metro Manila Diaries

I am not really comfortable walking around the metropolis for certain unreasonable reasons such as being a noob and for having an accent whenever I speak the national language. After my 1-week stint in Metro Manila, I still managed to learn a few things.

The flyer in Star City is a must-ride. 
Other than giving you a 360-degree view of Metro Manila, the cabin will swing when the weight is unbalanced. You will hold on to the rails for dear life and decide instantly how to synchronize your movements with other people in the tiny cabin. The horror house is also a great idea if you wish to have palpitations for the rest of the day.

There are mini "Grand Central Parks" in the midst of the urban jungle. 
Urban developers, especially in Makati, did a considerably good job in putting green parks among concrete spaces. I've never seen that many fire trees in my life. Now I am interested to know why no one has started planting them here in my hometown.

You can end up in the red light district without intention.
Apparently online hotel bookings will not really explain the activities at night nearby the hotel of your choice. A lady in skin-tight dress that was almost showing her precious big bottoms explained it all. There were also more than a handful of beautifully made-up ladies at 7-Eleven across the hotel who were "waiting."

Metro Manila is for people who have removed sleep from their system.
You and I know that we need at least a cup of coffee or a glass of vodka for a late night talk. For whichever hour you prefer and whatever mood you have, there is always going to be an "OPEN" sign right at the door for you.

Intimidation by speaking in the heavy Cebuano dialect works.
Lastly, I've never thought I can reduce panhandling just by speaking in Bisaya. While inside a jeepney, a "not so poor looking" teenager started singing then tried to squeeze money out of me. He begged endlessly but I just stared at him and responded:

Me: Akong pliti dong kutob ra sa kanto.
Beggar: Ano ho? Papakainin niyo po ako?
Me: Dili.
Beggar: Ano ho? Bente lang po...?
Me: Wa ka kasabot sa akong storya dong.
Beggar: (scared and took off)

The rest of the passengers stared at me as if I was a witch who just cursed the poor child. My cousin unintentionally did this once and now I know it really does work.

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