28 May 2015

Manila? It's a party!

At 2 AM these days, I am usually just at home. Blame it on the city's liquor ban at 1 AM. At this unholy hour the other week, I was still out partying in Metro Manila with old and new friends. It sounds a bit off for a newly married woman but the point of partying was for getting married! Simple dinner plans turned into a bar hopping escapade. No, I am not a party animal. But if all conditions are satisfied, I might as well be.

Dinner started in a Japanese restaurant Nihonbashitei along Pasay Road which proved difficult to spot if you are not on foot since there are two of them on the same road. Thus, I and my brother's decision to walk all the way from Makati Triangle was not really a terrible idea. Afternoon coffee already found its way to the large intestine by the time we reached the restaurant.

I took no photos of the sumptuous meal unfortunately. Some food are just too good to resist. Best seller was the seafood plate. Good food and affordable prices made it a memorable meal. Reviews all over the internet will tell you exactly what I mean.

Skye Lounge

After dinner we moved to Skye rooftop bar where we started with wine. Yes, I am a wine drinker now though I have visited the vineyards of Napa Valley years ago. I could not remember if there was any lesson to be learned because I was just too excited. I have just learned to drink it properly after French and wine 101 with my old friend earlier that week.

Just as we were done with our "last" round of cocktails, we received compliments in two batches of Jagerbomb and vodka shots. And thank God I didn't drink up all that my eyes could see. Otherwise, I would probably not remember how many times the waiter lit the fireworks in the lounge.

The Palace Pool Club 

Then we got invited to Pool Club at The Palace. There are advantages of being on the guest list but that does not translate to being important. I am just grateful to the VIP and friends! My brother spotted a few local celebrities because he is usually good at that and since I probably couldn't tell who is celebrity or not anyway.

I am not sure what the party was all about that Saturday night and I didn't even get the DJ's name or remember the kind of music playing. I know I am bad at reviewing clubs but the flashing lights were distracting me though in a good way. I had a beer, but in a can. I was really surprised to not have it in a bottle. Tequila coffee did compensate for that.

There were pools right in the middle. I would understand why the sexy ladies are not in the pool anymore because it was already past 2 AM and you can catch a cold! It's also not too chic to be dipping in the pool for hours until you feel wrinkly.

The Valkyrie Nightclub

Suddenly they summoned the group to move. I felt it was sudden because I was out of the loop. In my corner we were talking about other things and taking selfies. Like a swarm, we migrated. After going through something I would like to call a secret tunnel, we found ourselves above everyone in The Valkyrie.

The club was only a week old. There seemed to be a rave right beneath us. But my senses were telling me to go home. We left the place sober and in still perfect condition to catch a cab to this place further south. My flight back to my hometown was in a few hours away and I needed to catch some sleep.

Oh Manila, you gave me a fantastic night. But I think it was company who made that night -- as my old friend likes to call it -- an epic night.

Location: The Palace, Taguig, Metro Manila

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