06 May 2015

Loida and Jercell: A country wedding in Leling

It was past 3 AM in the morning when we woke up and drove to the small town of Leling. We sat in the back of the small roofless pickup truck with the bride's family who were all eager about the day's event. I zoned out when I looked up the sky and saw the edge of the milky galaxy for the first time. I had never seen the night sky that way before.

We arrived at the small town with barely any sleep. Everyone was already awake and getting ready because the wedding was at 6 AM. There was not enough natural light to take photos of anything but nonetheless things need to be done before day break.

At the first light of day, we headed to a small church were vows were made before God and men. Later that day, in a small farm house, the bride and the groom shared a big meal with family and friends. They danced and sang songs on a videoke machine underneath the trees. There so much to say about that day but for sure it was a lovely and merry DIY country wedding.

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