21 May 2015

Breakfast in Tagaytay

I could have said breakfast at Tiffany's because it feels posh at Bag of Beans. We were nowhere in the city of skyscrapers but we were overlooking the serene mountainside of Tagaytay. It was a lazy Sunday morning and even taking a photo of my beautiful but enormous plate of pancakes and eggs felt like lifting a shovel. Breakfast with new friends and a healthy conversation was definitely the best part of that Sunday.

For the rest of the morning, my brother and I went strolling and looking for coffee shops. I felt we walked more than half a mile from Bag of Beans to the old Starbucks shop. That day was also mother's day. The flowers on the streets looked as if they have never bloomed that big. I wished I could buy them all and fly them home. A sweet Instagram picture would do I thought.

There were cozy roadside vendors selling Filipino delicacies but we are a junkie for good furniture and interiors so off we went to one of the many international coffee chain houses. In the cafe were people still in their pajamas. It was breakfast hour anyway. We took a few selfies but my brother decided we move to another spot for a better photo of Mt. Taal. I had no desires of going to the volcano that day.  I felt unequipped with my skinny jeans and fancy brown sandals.

We had more cafe food during lunch time. It was impossible to get a seat at Leslie's. The whole town seemed to have a congregation in the restaurant. Thanks to Filibeans for being empty. We were the first to have dessert since cakes were good enough for lunch.

The scenery was beautiful from the local cafe but it was still difficult to get rid of the photo bombers. Nonetheless, my brother and I didn't care too much. We already had the best time just talking about how tiny the world has become. We talked about places we've been to and places we wish to go to. The caffeine and the chocolate made us feel like the other side of the world was just right next door.

Location: Tagaytay


  1. I could really relate now with the 'lazy Sunday mornings,' especially those many weekends where I just don't want to do anything on my things-to-do list. It must be the age I guess.

    1. Age has nothing to do during those lazy mornings.
      It's the art of embracing all possibilities. :D