29 May 2015


Alabang could be my favorite place in the north. But that might just be because I have lived in it for barely a week. In spite of not-so-perfect living conditions due to a malfunctioning air conditioning system, I still seem to like everything about Alabang. It isn't too crowded and the buildings are not as high as the skies.

Alabang Town Center

The flat was only a few blocks away from Alabang Town Center. I do not know how the locals call it but my brother and I call it ATC. Most of the afternoons I would find myself in CBTL. This cafe did choose the perfect spot.

In one of the evenings, my brother and I had dinner at Abe's. We wanted to have the fern salad after watching the food channel feature the Ifugao food culture. To our dismay, it wasn't available that night. Our guts told us to try Ginisang Mustasa instead. To my surprise, it really was just mustard and egg. Along with it was the lumpia which to our surprise again was just pound beans.

It was a weird combination and we really wished they served us fern leaves that night. There were a lot of other lovelier things in the menu but we had planned for coffee and cake later that night so we didn't order more food.


There was a garden show in Molito that week. I saw flowers I had not seen before. In my mind I already thought of the possibility of really bringing them on the plane home with me. People laughed at my ignorance. I should be visiting more gardens in my own town to get to know the flowers.

On another night we had dessert at Mr. Parks which was my brother's favorite cafe. Food was affordable so you can order both chocolate and cheesecake altogether. Sometimes I have difficulty in choosing between these two. The mood in the cafe was peaceful which was probably why other solitary souls had resorted to reading books or writing.

On the grounds outside the cafe was live piano music from a lady who seemed not to notice that everyone was listening. Classical music and soothing teas made us walk home that night with refreshed spirits though we wished we could sleep inside that cozy cafe.

Filinvest City

A few hours before I departed for the airport in Manila, we had lunch and coffee in Filinvest City. Chef's Barrel served really good food though we honestly just ordered breakfast meal and an extra dish. Who doesn't love tapsilog anyway. I concentrated entirely on my food but the rest of my company were contemplating on the "handsome" young waiter who seemed to be very generous with his smiles.

The view was beautiful across our seat in Starbucks. We stared at the water and the trees as if waiting for action. The industrial interiors inside the cafe gave it that unfinished but still polished look. Once again, we gazed at the lovely furniture. I wasn't sure if it was the caffeine or the high ceilings that made everyone fall into a trance. For a moment we wanted it to be our home.

Location: Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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