23 April 2015

Singapore: A walk to Faber Peak

My first take on Singapore's Southern Ridges were with ex-colleagues. This time, I brought along the love of my life. We cut the trail short but surprisingly there were still new discoveries. I believe that nothing is always ever the same.

The public bus dropped us off near Alexandra Arch. It is a short bridge of modern architechture over the highway which connects HortPark to the Forest Walk. The metal walkway that cuts through the forest makes it a beginner's trek. Somewhere after that was the Terrace Garden which is a perfect spot to take a break or have a photo shoot for engaged or newly wed couples. I know that since we shoot one of my couple friends here.

We briefly watched the cable cars from afar. We continued the trail to Henderson Waves which I think is lovelier at night. It was about 2 PM when we reached the bridge and the workers were starting to block the way due to upgrades. We were squinting because the sun was at its peak. A sleepy and oblivious cat greeted us on the way out.

We arrived Faber Peak with no expectations. Riding a cable car was a plan but there was no better treat than a good meal. The steak was delicious and the best thing about it is that it was not really expensive as most people might think. Not only did we dine at the restaurant Spuds and Aprons but also signed and hung our bells of happiness at the railings. It is very much similar to love locks hung at bridges in Europe.With a lovely view and your lovely man beside you, there is not much that you would want to look out for.

We walked our way back into the forest before sundown and out into HarbourFront Station. There are other more beautiful things in this trail to talk about but they are for you to see when you get there.

Location: Mount Faber Park, Singapore

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