22 April 2015

Singapore: Milo shaved ice, rooftop gardens and supertrees

Singapore is pretty small. After living in it for more than four years, everything within a half a mile will seem to be a 'short' walk for me. After the wedding, my husband and I decided to have a little tour in Singapore. In a single day, we managed to visit at least three spots.

Tanjong Pagar is one of those places I would prefer to go on a Sunday afternoon for a stroll and some dessert. The scenery has a historic feel with a touch of both modern and asian. We visited Fluffy Dessert and had my usual milo shaved ice. The first visit was with my sister during my pre-wedding, gown-hunting days. Food is affordable and as easy as sandwiches and fried chicken. The interior is cozy and all the lovely notes on the wall are inspiring so we felt very much welcomed.

We then took a bus and went up to the rooftop garden at the Marina Barrage. We traced the kites in flying the sky and gazed at the sunbeams that pierced through the clouds as if heaven descended. Then we leaned on each other and looked at the skyline which seem to be lovelier because we get to see most of Singapore's megastructures over a single horizon.

I wore high heels even though I knew there was going to be a lot of walking. I picked them up from the grass, continued walking in them from the green roof to the gardens. We checked out the supertrees at Gardens by the Bay but decided against paying to look inside the man-made forests. That deserves some other time in the future when the rest of the vegetation is full grown.

My feet survived until late that evening. When the soul is eager and the heart is satisfied, nothing seems to be impossible even when you start to notice that the skin in your toes are starting to fall off.

Location: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore [Supertree Grove]

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