17 April 2015

A dozen roses and a flood

It has been raining for a few days now. But It was on my 32nd birthday when hot summer had its first fierce rain. Water dripped all over the ceiling at the edge of the living room and over the precious oil painting that has hung from my Grandpa's bedroom to our living room. The only thing I thought of saving was the piece of art. Everything else was a blur.

So on my birthday, we were mopping wet floors. It was literally a mini flood inside the house. While everyone in the front and back porch were washing their insides with beer, everyone inside the house was wiping the floor dry. The celebration couldn't get any better. And like most people say, rain is a blessing. It sure is when it is in a midst of a drought.

Earlier that day, I received a dozen red roses and a few pretty pink stargazers from a stranger on a motorcycle. I was all smiles. There was no message nor a card but I waited for my husband to awake from his sleep just to let him know I got the present (because I was pretty sure from whom those were from.) And much later that night, I got another present from him - a chocolate cake! I felt there were a gazillion ants marching towards the sweetness and tickling me. So when the rain found its way into our living room after dinner time, I still could not stop smiling.

Mom was troubled about what food to cook and serve. I usually do not worry so much about these things. I just thought that filling up the fridge with beer would make the cousins happy and it definitely did. Of course, we did a lot of cooking until my soles hurt because of standing too much. And because the photographer is the birthday girl and cook that day, there were no records of "serious" photos except for selfies/groupies that everyone was excited to share in FB. Aside from family in town, we had virtual guests in Skype and those who couldn't do much but press the Like button.

I am grateful for a big family who loves merrymaking. When you're with people who love to party, throwing birthday celebrations is a breeze. And my family is even bigger now. I just married a guy whose family loves to party as much as I do! Oh, I have so much to be grateful for.

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