17 March 2015

Yes, the lights were low

One of our favorite songs played when he held me tight in his arms and I wrapped mine around him as if it was just him and me. There were lights hanging low from the ceiling where we danced and more fairy lights hanging throughout the hall. Everyone applauded when we finished dancing sweetly and singing softly to the tune of Bob Marley's music.

The huge Y and K letters in the background stay lit and everyone's eyes seemed to glisten. Food were in abundance and the music from the band was groovy. My husband took the stage and I danced and jumped merrily as if we were superstars. That night we really were. Our family and friends started dancing too in circles and then in a long chain. The tequila gave us a little kick while the wine made us want to keep on laughing.

Earlier in the chapel it was solemn. I made a promise to forever. There was only happiness in my heart and contentment. And when we kissed in front of everyone, I could feel my soul melt into one with my husband's.

Everything seemed perfect that day though neither my husband nor I was. To marry the love of your life is like a pause because you see life and love and God all at the same time. Then you realize these are all that matter.

The lights hung low and were kept low for the rest of the night. It was the loveliest day of our lives.

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