05 March 2015

Silent Words

When the heart speaks, we think no one else hears but the wind. Sometimes when it whimpers, we think the soft sounds only end at the white walls. But I've always known that when the heart speaks, there is someone who always hears.

I used to whisper to those ears, “Please give me happiness.” Every night before I closed my eyes, those words were repeated like a litany. Then it started to feel tiring, but the young light of the next day always gave new hope.

One day, I bought a ticket to meet an old friend just as my heart desired. I arrived at the airport desk to check in but my plane already took off. I rushed to every counter to get another pass and even rode on the sky train. Finally, I swore my life on a plastic card because I just knew I would not forgive myself if I didn’t. It was shortly before lunch when I arrived in this other place where two twin towers stood. That night my heart spoke again, but this time differently. There were no words but only a beating that felt peaceful and calm.

Today, my heart continues to speak and gladly of much gratitude. The day after my heart spoke the loudest, the Lord gave me a soulmate.

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