21 March 2015

Life is a matter of perspective

People think that we live a life of just awesomeness, gourmet coffees and nice beaches. The life we project online is often misunderstood as just that. Often times, life is difficult because that is how it is designed. However, it is a matter of perspective and how we choose to live it.

We have weathered many storms both those from the Pacific ocean and in our own personal lives. We survive all these and that is what makes us stronger. However it is not enough that we survive. We ought to learn the lesson and live it so when the next storm comes, it will be nothing but a drizzle.

Choose to love life no matter how many times it fails or breaks you. Think of reasons why unfortunate things happen but think of more reasons why you are meant to survive it. Always look for the bright side even if it is through the littlest hole in your darkest corner.

I have not been roofless though I felt it was close. There were times when the necessity of life is barely there but we refuse to make drama out of it. So life indeed is not a walk in a park. But you can choose to make it like one.

Learn from the rich. They know very well that money alone cannot buy them real happiness. A beautiful life does not come after having enough worldly things. In most cases a beautiful character draws all the wonderful things, naturally.

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  1. "Choose to love life no matter how many times it fails or breaks you." very powerful words indeed Kim. And might I add that I read this entry while listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbNDOFhMtG0.

    See you and hubby on the road someday! :)