21 March 2015

Dahican: A surfer's first light

My friend and I woke up very early in the morning before daybreak. I was half awake when I snoozed the alarm but it was not so difficult to get out of bed since we tucked ourselves so early the night before. However, the loud neighbors kept us awake up until midnight. But like everyone else at the resort, they were just having a vacation too.

It was shooting the sunrise in my head while it was crawling baby turtles in my friend's. Unfortunately, the turtle eggs at Amihan sa Dahican would not be hatching that day. We were a bit out of luck for nature watching so we proceeded to enlist ourselves at surf school. The lessons would not start very soon since we still felt puffy. The guy we spoke to still had his locks rolled and wrapped in a turban on top of his head. The black eyeliner made him look like a genie. The Japanese surfer guy we met the day before was also up. (I've forgotten the names so forgive me.) Everyone seemed to have their eyes locked on the ocean and infinity. Unfortunately, thick clouds were sitting on the horizon. Nevertheless, we felt like real surfers waking up to meet the waves breaking on the shore.

Literally, we were on the eastern coast of the Philippine archipelago so that would mean being one of the first to see the light of day. A few young wave lovers were already out with their surfboards. The waves were gentle but still not very much suitable for swimming. It could still crush you. A few hours later that day I would be reminded of that after I slammed my leg on a huge rock.

We walked back to our resort to recharge. The light was young and the coffee was hot. It was just instant coffee but like my cousin said, who doesn't want coffee by the beach?

Location: Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental

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