22 March 2015

Dahican: Not just a surfer's haven

We used to just play in the water like most children still do today. Not everyone is a surfer at Dahican. It used to be like a remote place where people go to on weekends for solace. In our case, it had been a a regular thing to smell the sea breeze, feel the sand on our toes and salt on our skin, or merely just to pick up sea shells on the shore.

About fifteen years later, Dahican has become spot for surfers. Beach bums has made it to Dahican too and more beach parties are expected to take over. That day we visited, there was a wedding at the beach for everyone to crash - unfortunately not a very lovely thing. The strong winds were blowing on the bride's veil but to her nothing mattered but to say "I do."

It is also a haven for turtles. Sometimes a dugong gets spotted in the shallow waters. Amihan sa Dahican takes care of the egg turtles before they hatch. I am quite impressed with the "no-smoking" policy they have implemented in their area. Unfortunately for me, I have not seen these animals in those waters yet. There aren't too many conservationists yet but I hope they too will follow suit before this paradise turns into another spoiled tourist spot.

After our short stint at the surf school, a family friend gave us a tour to the edges of Dahican where theirs and other family-owned beach houses exist peacefully alongside each other. There are a few more buildings in construction for the summer frolic. It seems that business is doing good. We also had a short tour at Gabby Sibala's Dahican Surf Resort. It is a cozy surfer's place that gave me an impression of a hippie's spot.

My memories of Dahican is a beach with sand as bright as the sun above. Now there are tiny black specks in the sand that I could not figure out from where. The resort we slept at called Botona tried to build a an artificial barrier of huge dark rocks over the water to break the huge waves. But nature always finds a way so the rocks were eventually smashed and now they just spread over the shore making an eye sore on the long stretch of white sand. I would have to say that the resort is relatively not cheap compared to other places I have been to in Bantayan or Boracay. We could have slept int a tent but camping was not an option for me and my friend that time.

Dahican always has a soft spot on me. I am more than happy that it is closer to me now that it was in those years I lost touch of "home." It is just a three-hour drive or four-hour bus ride from my hometown that is far from breaking the bank. Whenever I think of Dahican, I always remember the days when my skin was bronzed by the sun but I don't give a damn because all I wanted to do was get in the water with the other children and ride the waves.

Cousin, me and siblings in Dahican circa 1991.

Location: Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental

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