30 March 2015

Bato-bato: Dark sand beach, blue skies and other pretty things

With a storage card a hundredfold bigger than your first personal disk, it is almost impossible to stop shooting. I wonder how photographers manage it. It is troublesome to have to take care of several things in Flickr, Instagram and even Facebook. So I took a peek at the work of other photographers I look up to and noticed that they just leave everything in their page just as they are -- no visible watermarks and no excuses for posting more than 20 photos in a single post. And so that is how I plan to do it at this point.

On our second day in my husband's town, we headed again to the beach to have lunch. With so much daylight, I could not stop shooting. But this is how it really is when I visit places. On this other beach, the sand was dark like the rest of the beaches in Bato-bato. But it does not bother me. The water is clearer than in other white sand beaches I have been to before. Thanks to a small population though I feel it won't be long until people will be forced to live near the water and defecate in it. I felt the urge to take as much photos as I could. So that many years from now, I will have something to look at to remind me how everything once was.

So what would one do on a sunny day with clear blue skies? Ideally, nothing. And that is exactly what we did. We sat for hours with benches to ourselves and watched the leaves sway against the bright blue sky. For some time, we struggled to get a microwave signal but there was barely any. However, it also felt good to be disconnected for a few hours and just smell the sea breeze.

I pressed the shutter button indefinitely though not continuously. In between, I had a thread and a crochet hook in hand. This must be how paradise is like. I continued to take photos even of leaves, food and sea shells. To live in a place like this, who couldn't be grateful? I guess not everyone knows how lucky they are. Some people thought that happiness can only be found somewhere far and distant where buildings collide with the clouds and artificial lights try to outshine the stars.

Location: Bato-bato, San Isidro, Davao Oriental

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