20 March 2015

A bit of this household, memories and other random stuff

I have left Singapore for over a month now and it seems odd that I did not miss it one bit. I have adjusted easily to this temporary life where an odd combination of people coexist - me, my mom, a niece and an uncle. Not necessary harmoniously, but at least politically.

Most days, people are on Facebook (people AKA mom) while the rest are watching cable TV or playing endlessly. The sensational news about war in and outside the country can be quite tiring so I switched it to Mindanao Travel Channel once. My little niece is always high on sugar so she rans all over the house or plays with her colored plastic horses if she doesn't get her hands on a tab AKA iPAD.

I asked my mom why she likes to play this addictive game called Candy Crush. She just shrugged her shoulders and said "You are just in love." I am happy to hear that from her since it true. Her answer and my question are indirectly related to each other. Nonetheless, I don't fancy watching feeds in social networks nor just staring at colored moving pictures all day. Unfortunately, cyber-stalking can be a serious hobby for some people. I wish them well and hope they find productive things to do. I prefer being tangled in yarns while I crochet or being swallowed by dust when I dig old stacks of letters. I love blogging too which is exactly why even random thoughts get written down.

In those old piles were letters from Grandpa Ed's and Dad's. It amazes me how I never stopped writing my grandpa until his hearing went bad due to old age. When he lost his sight to diabetes, he still likes to receive letters since he had them read to him. Those conversations with my Grandpa were serious while Dad's cards were just the sweetest. There were a bunch of them for my mom and me though I could not read a word that time when he wrote it. I have read them least once before. I wish to still read them again so I dusted them off and placed them in a new box.

Feelings of joy and sadness washed over me. Joy because of beautiful memories and sadness due to fear that one day all these prints will fade away and then the memories too. But I wonder how I could still remember some memories so vividly. Neither my brother nor my sister remembers much when they were very young. Sometimes I feel it is a curse but I think it is also a gift. On the other hand, some people are annoyed at how I could not remember very fresh information as if I was not listening. Maybe I wasn't.

There are still a thousand things to write about. In my mind are beaches and winter winds - both real and imaginary. The randomness shall stop right now. There are other more important things to take care of such as my tooth.

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