24 December 2014

Merry Christmas

This year, Christmas is as clear as pure H20 than I had expected it to be. Earlier today, there was virtually nobody in the queue for the train to work and that made me feel like a loser for a few minutes. Gladly, work greeted me cheerfully and the leftover chicken I had for breakfast gave me head start. Surprisingly, everyone was dismissed from work at 2 PM which was an hour earlier than in the past years. That gave me enough time to head to the post office to claim a parcel I had long been waiting for.

The afternoon was gloomy and I felt even more sleepy when it started raining. The hot dog sandwich at BK and coke float made the conditions ideal for hibernation. An hour later, I was peacefully dozing off. I did not even set the alarm because I wasn't sure what the plan for Christmas Eve.

Brother called and woke me up about two hours past sunset. The signal was bad and I was scratching my head when he was posting all the way from Bangkok. It must be another one of his great April fools jokes on a non-April fools' day.

I went to the kitchen cupboard shortly after rolling and twisting in bed. The chicken got marinated and the SPAM strips were in the freezer getting ready for frying. Talking and singing Christmas songs with my better half went on for 30 minutes or so. We both were basically in the same place - physically remote from our loved ones but nothing close to being desolate. In both our eyes, we see a future brighter than the sun and that kept the smiles on our faces.

Midnight was fast approaching and by tradition, food must be ready at the dinner table. None was existent until a few minutes before the digital clocks hit 00:00. And then the table was suddenly set perfectly, none of which was ever planned. The food was far from fancy and the table was not even close to looking festive. When I looked at my sister and her husband tearing off the meat from the chicken wing bones, my efforts of deep frying and keeping myself from being burned paid off.

My niece and mom was over Skype. I had called and exchanged messages with other loved ones. Everyone we cared about seem to be having the simplest but most meaningful Christmas Eve. And so this year, this seem to be very clear - Christmas makes me more grateful for what I have. The booze, the party or the expensive gifts will have not so much effect to that.

Have a meaningful Christmas everyone!

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