13 November 2014

A day at the park

I had been to this park many times but most recently was with family. We headed to Upper Peirce Reservoir to see some monkeys but most of them were hidden during midday. There seemed to be a lot of effort in keeping the monkeys at bay since we had kept the food tucked in plastic containers but none attempted to steal our chips.

That day the feeling was light and there was a sense of comfort in just being yourself. We laughed, chit-chat and even called loved ones who couldn't be there with us. I couldn't help but take photos because everything was just lovely. Even the unassuming reptile was adorable.

This is one of my favorite places. Over here the sun seems to be always soft because of the trees. And when it sets, light turns into gold and makes the water glisten as if a thousand diamonds are floating on it. The sight of the water always make me calm. I could sit on a bench, do nothing and just stare at the horizon that almost blends with the sky.

Location: Upper Peirce Reservoir, Singapore

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