22 October 2014

Paderborn in Early Autumn

I brought a coat that was thicker than winter when I departed for Frankfurt. It was only autumn but they say the temperature sometimes falls below 10 degrees Celsius because of the rain. There was a 4-hour train ride to Paderborn from the airport and I endured it with my hot pink luggage.

I stepped out of the train and quickly asked the officer if it was the right city before the train could depart in a few seconds. After being assured, I walked into the drizzle but then walked back into the station and put on my coat. It was freezing though there was no sign. The heaters inside the buildings made everything feel like summer.

The hotel was only 10 Euros away from the work place so I had not tried taking the bus. Work normally ends at 5 PM for most people who were in the same office as I was but my assignment dictates that I stay until 6 PM or even 7 PM. It could not be later than that because the city seems to close at 8 PM. Restaurants close a bit later so the workaholics are still in luck for dinner outside of home.

The sky was always overcast. On the last week, it hadn't rained too much so the weather was perfect for coffee outdoors though I had only enjoyed a whole plate of gelato disguised as spaghetti by myself once. I walked back from the town center, hands in pockets of my thin long grey coat. The graffiti in the pedestrian underpass kept me company. By the time I arrived at the hotel, it seemed the entire town has retired.

Life has been pretty much reduced to just sausages and beer when I went to Paderborn for a few weeks. Work demands so it had to be fulfilled. I had not gone around the city to look around because I was always in another place on the weekends. The town has been kind to me and I will be missing the neat cobblestone paths, cheap beer and my Brötchen for breakfast. I think it is a little too lonely though. If one must visit, it is always better to be with good company.

Location: Paderborn, Germany

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