19 October 2014

Kölner Dom: Up through the spiral staircase

I was panting when we reached the belfry. The little kids went all the way up to the viewing deck from the south tower of the Kölner Dom. If it had been a battlefield, I had lost consciousness and surrendered to the ground to blend with the fallen. The hike up the spiral staircase made me feel nauseous after a few hundred steps. When I took a break in the middle of the staircase, it left only enough room for one person to pass by me.

Stopping in between gave me some time to take some bird's eye view shots. But carrying a heavy camera and wearing a heeled boot made life a little more difficult that it was supposed to be. I peeked through one of the windows and saw an ugly gargoyle watching over humanity below. I wondered what these stone creatures had in their minds if there was any.

I deliberately asked my aunt to take a photo of the me beside St. Peter's bell, AKA the obligatory selfie. I honestly did nothing else but bask in the glory of making it to approximately 300 steps though the truth is I was breathless and my legs were about to break. I had been missing my leg workouts so that explains why I felt like dying midway through the narrow staircase.

There were no signs of a lift on this side of the cathedral so that meant reaching ground level through the same path. The worst part was that nobody had brought water or eaten enough food to prepare for the climb since it was one of those "impromptu decisions." At times like these, I miss the earth so badly. I still made it to the tip of Hohenzollern Bridge on foot later that day so kudos to me.

Location: Kölner Dom, Köln, Germany