19 October 2014

The Kölner Dom and a sense of gratitude

Whenever I wanted to write about the Kölner Dom, or the Cologne Cathedral in English, I run out of words. I feel my photos have not done it justice. But I was there, heart and soul, staring at the majestic Gothic church which never in my life I had dreamed of seeing. It has been four weeks since I last saw it. I wished the train a few minutes from where I am now would lead me back to it.

As I stepped out of the car and into the drizzle, I saw what seemed like two towers from where we stopped. My lens was not wide enough to fit the entire structure into a single frame. So my humble camera phone did me a big favor by taking some decent photos with it. Eventually, I gave up taking photos and decided to be there.

There were too many people and I was just in awe to see the entire world inside a Catholic Church. Though the feeling was not as peaceful when there is a Eucharist going on but I appreciate the respect from everyone who did enough to behave inside the house of God. Surely, for some, it is just an ancient building. To me, it is a life event.

We sat on one corner where we waited for more candles to light. I hadn't knelt on the benches but said a silent prayer right where I was sitting. I prayed to thank the Lord for all the wonderful things he gave me which I did not expect I deserved. I also prayed for other things. Usually, I ask. But then, at that time I was overwhelmed and realized He already gave me too much and took that time to be just grateful.

Location: Kölner Dom, Köln, Germany

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