21 October 2014

Köln: A walk to the Rhine and Hohenzollern Bridge

On the weekend I first visited Köln, my aunt had initially planned to take me to Amsterdam. Due to unexpected events, we decided not to take the delayed train fom Düsseldorf and instead planned to visit Köln in the afternoon. That was one decision that had a beautiful butterfly effect.

After spending considerably much time inside the famous cathedral, we went to the Rhine river where there were lots of things to see and of course, eat. We were starving after having climbed up the belfry and walked to look for souvenirs. Side by side was a Thai restaurant and Rhienzeit, which is a local restaurant. I had to answer "Deutsche" quickly when I was asked to choose. I had schnitzel which was basically breaded pork cutlet, but in large portions. Gladly, my nephew cleaned up after my plate which was unbelievable for a tiny kid to eat too much.

My camera died and the extra battery ceased to work. Thanks to my camera phone again for saving me though I could still survive without a camera but then a story is always lovelier with photos. The rest of the afternoon was just strolling beside the Rhine River where many others seem to be just waiting for the sun to set. As usual, anything that links to the ocean has a beautiful effect on me. Plus, the soft afternoon sun was golden. I thank God for days like this.

We reached the Hohenzollern Bridge late in the afternoon. By then, I had no more juice in my legs to traverse it. Even at the tip of the bridge, there were love locks of different sizes. Some bigger than the size of a human heart, which is sweet I think. We did not have the luxury of time and walked back to the car before dark. The night lights were beautiful though I had only seen a glimpse of it through the window while on the road back home. Köln seems to be a perfect place to start a European vacation. It is only a few hours away from Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris by train. I wish to visit this place again and hopefully with that one person I wished was there with me.

Germany is the first country I have visited in Europe and it did not disappoint me. Like my aunt and many others say, Köln is a must when you visit Germany. Now the name sticks to me like perfume on my skin. When you get there, you will understand why.

Location: The Rhine River

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